Innovation is Power


Every year in June, Apple announces and demonstrates innovations of all four fundamental forms on their platform. In addition, hundreds of thousands of developers exploit those change all year and demonstrate the spaces of possibilities that Apple’s innovations create. Sometimes those developers also create innovations that enable others to exploit the changes more effectively.

This month, Apple introduced iOS 8, a set of innovations on the iPhone/iPad platform. They announced a new programming language (Swift) that will affect hundreds of thousands of developers, effectively announcing the deprecation of the former language, Objective-C. This opens, among other things, the space for education and training about the new language and a marketplace for translating from Objective-C to Swift.

One new capability that was announced allows app developers to access the fingerprint recognition results, creating the possibility to leverage that capability in their apps. Certain apps can exploit this new capability to enhance their users’ experience, changing the marketplace standard such that all apps in those categories must adopt that capability. This creates a marketplace for updating existing apps to remain competitive.

Taken all together, the iOS platform on over half a billion phones combined with the innovations announced in June have produced new complex methods of thinking and acting, enabling one to design, craft, and make new offers, practices, narratives and strategies into a growing set of marketplaces.

How can you leverage these innovations? What innovations will produce new markets around your products? How can you use fundamental innovation to increase the value of your offers?

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